Junwu Zhang

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Hi, I'm Junwu and welcome to my page! I'm currently a Robotics Engineer at Blue River Technology, a John Deere Company. I work on perception and robotics software for autonomous tractors.

Previously, I was a Robotics Software Engineer at Intrinsic, an Alphabet Company. I joined as Intrinsic acquired Vicarious where I was a Robotics Engineer. I obtained my Master's in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford University, where I worked with Prof. Jeannette Bohg in the Interactive Perception and Robot Learning Lab (IPRL) and Prof. Monroe Kennedy in the Assistive Robotics and Manipulation (ARM) Lab.

Through industry work and research in robotic manipulation and human-robot interaction (HRI), I want to design robots that help people. I am especially intrigued to study how robots can:

  1. perceive, model and predict the environment, humans and tasks;
  2. plan its behavior and trajectories;
  3. learn from interactions with humans and understand their collaborative roles.

I also aspire to be a full-stack roboticist (algorithms, software, and hardware)!



Claire Chen, Krishnan Srinivasan, Jeffrey Zhang, Junwu Zhang
Dexterous Manipulation Primitives for the Real Robot Challenge
arXiv preprint arXiv:2101.11597
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